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I'm not so good with lawyer speak. I usually just try to say what I mean in a manner that is easily understood by those around me. Which is why privacy policies, terms and conditions, and the like are hard for me. I know that I must have some degree of legal speak to protect myself from you, but I also prefer to trust you.

With that in mind, consider the following privacy policy a series of promises between OSMstudios (myself and some of my friends) and you.


This document describes the behavior and legal use of information collected in Andvestigate (the program; the application), a software application for Android phones, from OSMstudios (I, we, us). Other applications have their own privacy policies.

Andvestigate Project Page

Andvestigate on Google Play

What we collect

Andvestigate is used to display information on the hardware and software of a given device as well as it's network identifier. This information is gathered by Andvestigate and displayed to the user in a readable format. The user may send this information via email to any address he or she desires. OSMstudios is not responsible for this information after it is emailed.

The information collected is NOT stored, transmitted, or otherwise aggregated by OSMstudios.

What we distribute

We do not distribute (sell, give away, leak) any personally identifiable information. We do not distribute (sell, give away, leak) specific usage information. We may share -- where it benefits other developers -- general, anonymous information such as, but not limited to, total downloads, device models, default browser packages, etc.

What we use

Information willingly sent to us, in the form of bug reports or messages, may be used for development purposes only. We use information willingly and knowingly sent to us to create a better application for you.