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OSMstudios (pronounced awesome studios) is a loose conglomeration, group, of developers, designers, and engineers working to make applications, games, and development libraries that are better and more awesome than anything out there. We are registered as a for-profit company but most of what we do is available for free right here on OSMstudios.com or on our respective GitHub pages.

Because we are a group dedicated more to helping each other do the best work possible and less to profit and fame, our work is usually released under the name of the top contributor. It works like this, a designer comes up with a project, designs it, and a developer jumps in to do the programming. Later a programmer comes up with an idea and that designer hops on to make it beautiful. We have a pool of work -- three hours of design work, five hours of programming, two hours of audio, etc. that every member contributes to and draws from.

Most of us have full-time jobs outside of OSMstudios. (For instance, Dawson works at Westlake Design, DLH works at Xymmetrix, and Greg works at Kopavi Systems, Inc. If you have specific needs for web or application development, contact one of those companies.) Our members rotate in-and-out, and our roster may be different for every project. It works for us.