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Andvestigate Rides Again… Sorta

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Back when only hipsters had Android phones and the only Android phone one could own was the G1, I built a little Android application named “Andvestigate.”  It was a file management application back when Android phones (the G1) didn’t come with file managers.  There were a few similar programs floating around, but, to the best of my knowledge, Andvestigate was the only one that provided multiple file/folder selection copy & paste.

It did pretty well on the market, garnering just over 3,000 downloads until I got tired of keeping it updated.

I also had a minor stutter between 0.8.4 (for Android 1.x) and 0.8.5 (for Android 2.x), and since it was perpetually out-of-date I never regained any popularity.  It’s rating steadily fell from 4.5 stars at it’s start to just 3 stars as more and more users got new devices and found it no longer worked.

Now it’d be silly for me to put work into a file management application.  Almost all Android phones come with one from the vendor and the market is saturated with them.  At best I could only offer one “as good” as the others.

However, there was always something I wished Andvestigate did.  I wished it would tell me about my device.  I’ve finally got around to building that.

I did Android development contract work for a number of years in college and the biggest problem of any project was segmentation in the device market.  What works on my Samsung might not work on someone else’s Motorola.  The bigger problem came when I asked the client to provide me with the name of their device so I could create an emulator to replicate the issue.  I got an awful lot of “Uh, it’s a Andpod Motorsung 2000.”  Then I’d have to walk them through opening their settings and retrieving the information for me.  It’s tiresome.  The client feels angry / insulted.  I feel frustrated.  No one wins.

The new version of Andvestigate retrieves that information and allows a client to email the information to wherever with one click.  Problem solved.

Andvestigate’s Google Play page
Andvestigate’s OSMstudios project page
Andvestigate’s partial source page