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Super GitKraken Bros

Posted in Releases by Dawson Goodell

I haven't been posting here frequently, but I thought I'd give you all a look at my last project. A couple of months ago, Austin (of ARK Design) and I designed and built a little game in Phaser.  It was an entry in GitKraken's game contest.

I will continue working in Phaser, but I don't think it'll replace Love2d's place in my heart.  If you want to see my Phaser experiment, use the link below.  Best with two players!


SuperpowersHTML5 and Love2d

Posted in News & Updates by Dawson Goodell

Smarter people than I build something cool and now I'm going to tell you about it.  SuperpowersHTML5 and Love2d working together.


Incoming Love2d Tutorials

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

My last Love2d tutorial has been up for some time, so now I'm thinking about whats next.  More information in the post, as well as links to a Trello board and the ongoing Github project.